The “ART PARASOL” project promotes educational and artistic activities for children and young people diagnosed with social exclusion in the Łódź Voivodship region. The initiative aims to activate and educate socially and behaviorally children and young people threatened with educational and social exclusion through art. The program includes systematic and continuous artistic and educational activities developed methodically by locally engaged artists and animators. The ART PARASOL program includes a wide range of cultural and artistic activities, education, as well as social reintegration, including workshops on applied arts, art history, journalism, ecology, artistic, developmental, logopedic, and dictation workshops for students and teachers, based on school readings, and the literary works of the patrons of 2024. The program seeks to stimulate creativity and encourage experimentation and provide children and young people with the tools of artistic expression and knowledge, leading to the interruption of the social, educational and cultural exclusion process. The project also provides artists and animators with a platform for community engagement and helps them experience the effectiveness of their artistic and educational activities. The project aims to create a lasting opportunity for free participation in culture and art, support social integration locally and inter-environmentally, and build lasting partnerships with cultural, artistic, and educational institutions.