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Madame Chromatique

Here, contemporary art
is available to everyone.

About the Madame Chromatique foundation.

The Madame Chromatique Foundation is a project of a team of enthusiasts, art market professionals, academic personalities and members of the Polish Association of Visual Artists, who, together
with a group of project ambassadors (including Marise de Lempicka), art patrons and partners, have set themselves the mission of  promoting contemporary art in Poland and abroad. 

The team has over 30 years of experience on the art market. Our partners have organized over 200 exhibitions and vernissages in Poland
and abroad, as well as concerts and open-air artistic events. They have published art books and catalogs presenting painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture.

Paweł Edward Brzeziński, art enthusiast, originator and founder of the Madame Chromatique Foundation and the Madame Chromatique Art Gallery inaugurating its operations in December 2023 . He invited experienced personalities from the art market and the academic world, well-known and recognized artists from Poland and abroad, and business representatives sensitive to culture to cooperate.

The Foundation’s main task is to integrate organizations focused on broadly understood culture, socially engaged business and artists, in order to use the power of the positive impact of art on the world. 

Art beyond divisions.

“We invite you to cooperate.”

Strategic goals of the foundation.


Preparation of a global project to support children and young people through broadly understood art therapy and mentoring support by professional artists – a portal connected to AI.


A gathering of a group of successful people in the Art & Business Club , who together as art dealers will decide on the creation
and promotion of selected artists from Poland
and abroad.


Organizing unique exhibitions and vernissages at Madame Chromatique Gallery, as well as other cultural events outside of the gallery – including concerts – to build their company’s image as Art Patrons.


During private meetings held at the Gallery, attendees have the chance to discuss and expand their corporate and personal collections. They can also exchange experiences and showcase their works within the Gallery’s interior.

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