Fundacja Madame Chromatique

The Madame Chromatique Foundation
has been conceived as a space created for activities centred around multidimensional contemporary arts and around comprehensively understood culture.

It is a modern and multidimensional foundation dedicated to the fostering of inspiring encounters and high-level unique artistic activities. Our goal is to showcase the polyphony of the contemporary arts world through the presentation of diverse artistic attitudes in various artistic fields. We want the Foundation to become a driving force in shaping the artistic debate and a forum for building community through culture and business. Contemporary art is fascinating and capable of building global connections: among people, institutions, businesses, different areas of life, while always respecting the idea of sustainable development, including pro-environmental actions.

Thanks to our long-standing and extensive international contacts, we want to become a global platform for cooperation among art ambassadors, art enthusiasts and artists from all over the world, and to organise the Women’s Arts Week event at any place in the world which should need it.