The Madame Chromatique Foundation is a non-governmental organisation whose main objective is the promotion of culture and high art in everyday life of the society, and education regarding the role that women in arts play in shaping the world’s cultural heritage.

Through wide-ranging artistic, popularising, publishing, exhibiting, auctioning, educational and social activities, we intend (among other things) to create a permanent event on the cultural map of Poland, Europe and the world ? the Women’s Arts Week ? which will serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

The activities of the Foundation will touch upon the areas of broadly understood sustainable development and of the contemporary dynamic world, one full of contradictions, unknown variables and unrecognised spaces, including threats such as climate crisis, overpopulation and human expansion.

Also close to your hearts are the issues of social inequality, intolerance and discrimination of various social groups.

Moreover, the Foundation intends to use in its activities the latest VR NFT technologies, through which we will popularise the artistic and spiritual achievements of Tamara Lempicka and of other female artists among groups excluded on cultural grounds, or based on their age, or geographical location.

The Founders and the Members of the Foundation celebrate diversity. Events organised under the care of the Foundation will offer a platform for the exchange of diverse opinions and perspectives presented by female artists and art connoisseurs from around the world. They will aim to highlight the prominent position of female artists in the creation of the contemporary reality. They will also attempt to add various artistic, educational and social elements to the established concepts of modernity.

The Women’s Arts Festival ? the flagship event of the MCF ? will be a space for the exchange of ideas in the fields of performing arts, dance and film, theatre, literature and music, as well as in the areas of the latest trends in VR, AR and NFT digital art.

We invite all art lovers, artists, people and organisations, all those who truly care about promoting culture and high art, to collaborate with, support and promote our foundation.